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Almond Thief Bakery


The Great Grubb B&B

A warm welcome awaits at The Great Grubb bed and breakfast.

Army Surplus Store, The

Endurance clothing & binoculars

Arcturus Books and Crystals

Arcturus Books specialises in Mind, Body & Spirit books. We import American titles ourselves as well as stocking many books of U.K. origin providing a vast range of books in one shop.

Cranch's Sweet Shop

At Cranch's you can finally get those hard-to-findCranch's famous Pink and White Striped Bags traditional sweets you loved so much when you were a child! Remember when sweets came in glass jars not plastic bags? When you went to the local sweet shop to spend your pocket money and came back with a proper paper bag with two ounces or a quarter of your favourite sweets? Well a visit to Cranch's will be a real nostalgia trip with retro classics like Sweet Tobacco, proper Sports Mixture (you know - with the liquorice black ones,) Anglo Bubbly bubblegum Cadbury's Dairy Milk Miniatures and many more still available! We may have been around a long time (with over 100 years combined experience in the sweet trade in fact) but we're bang up to date with our ranges of Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, and All Natural Colours sweets for those of you with special dietary requirements.

il vulcano

Take-away pizza.

Creative Crafts and Needlework

Fabrics and Haberdashery.

Drift Record Shop, The

If you come past the shop we’ll always have a record on and we’ll invariably all bang on at you about whatever handful of records we’re currently a bit obsessed with…

Albert Inn

Traditional local pub with in-house brewery, last free house, live music, good local food, good selection of wines including Sharpham, fantastic beer garden.

Brocante 66

Gift shop

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