Totnes Pound New Notes Launch: Jonathan Crinion

Totnes local currency launches new t£1, t£5, t£10 & t£21 on May 20th. To celebrate the new notes, see why Jonathan Crinion, supports the Totnes Pound in 21 seconds (or there abouts!)

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Pledge your support! You can buy Totnes Pounds from several issuing points and ask for Totnes Pounds in your change from many local businesses.

Totnes Pound First Blog Post

The Totnes Pound, as a physical currency, is just the first small step into figuring out what kind of economic mechanisms are needed to support a robust local economy. There are lots of other developments being discussed:

Electronic currency using the internet and mobile phones
Working with local credit unions
new t£5, t£10 and t£20 notes using a local designer
If you want to get involved, send an email to