Money Matters Monday Fun Day: 12th October from 3pm

The Daisy Children’s Centre will be hosting a Money Matters Monday Fun Day on Monday 12th October from 3pm, and the Totnes Pound team will be there! This free event is for all Totnes families and will feature a wealth of useful information provided by organisations including DCH Housing, South Hams Citizens Advice, Job Centre Plus, the Credit Union and the Totnes Keeping Warm project run by Transition Town Totnes.

There will also be free and fun activities to keep children amused while their parents pick up information, which will include a bouncy castle, face painting, art workshops and storytelling, as well as free popcorn, cookies and home-made lemonade, and samples of healthy fruit-based sweets provided by Wild & Curious.

So… where does the Totnes Pound fit in with all this? Well we all need to buy stuff and most of us need to make money… With that in mind we encourage families to switch a little of their spending to local businesses (or a lot if you’re up for that!). If everyone spent a little each week in local independent businesses, it would give a substantial boost to the local economy, creating more jobs and work opportunities. Imagine watching the journey a five pound note takes in Totnes. Every time it changes hands, a local person gains some income. For instance, imagine using it to buy fish and chips. The shop may use your fiver to buy local potatoes, and then the potato merchant may pass it on for payment to their local staff, who may then buy goods or services from other local people. In this example, most of the money is staying in Totnes and district, and it is people in Totnes and the surrounding area that continue to benefit from it. Imagine the possibilities – enterprise and work opportunities will open up for ourselves and our children.

For Money Matters Monday Funday, Totnes Pound will be re-introducing our popular 21 Totnes Pounds for 20 pounds sterling offer. Totnes Pounds can be spent in more than 150 local shops and businesses and will help keep money circulating in our town. Totnes Pounds make an ideal gift when you aren’t sure what to buy for someone. We sell Totnes Pounds in £1, £5, £10 and £21 denominations. To buy some, please bring pounds sterling with you. We will also be on hand to answer any questions you might have, or to get you started using electronic Totnes pounds if that’s your thing.


This event has been funded by a grant to TTT for its Totnes Keeping Warm project, awarded by the Scottish Power Energy People Trust. Thanks also to DCH Housing Provider for contributing from their Community Investment fund.

For more information about this event, please contact Mary Popham on 07815 799996 or

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