Totnes Mayor Jacqi Hodgson shows her support for Totnes Pound

Totnes Mayor, Jacqi Hodgson, showed her support for the Totnes Pound scheme by paying some into her credit union account at Birdwood House on Friday 25th July.

Mayor deposits Totnes Pounds into her Credit Union Account.

Totnes Mayor, Jacqui Hodgson, deposits Totnes Pounds into her Credit Union Account.

The Totnes Pound is now accepted by over 110 business in the town and nearby. As the scheme grows it can make a big difference in keeping money circulating within the town, supporting both businesses and residents. By shifting spending to local traders and supporting them to re-spend locally we can prevent money from leaking out of the area.

Totnes Pound group member John Elford said, “We introduced a new series of notes in May, and many people have commented on how impressed they are with their design. We are producing a new leaflet which will include a list of all the businesses that accept Totnes Pounds. In October we shall be introducing an electronic version of the Totnes Pound, along with new ways to encourage their use – an exciting development that will broaden the scheme and enable it to increase its reach considerably.”

Totnes Credit Union is part of a Devon-wide network of Credit Unions called Plough and Share, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Alan Gorman, co-ordinator, said: “We aim to encourage a “saving for a rainy day” habit, and we are also able to offer low-cost loans”. Our Credit Union office is easily found in Birdwood House, next to the Market Square. “We are open every Friday and Saturday 11 am – 12 noon” added Alan, “And we are looking to expand our team of friendly volunteer helpers so that we can increase our opening hours. Come and visit us!” Please feel free to email Alan with any queries you may have about Credit Union on or telephone 01803 867382

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