How it works for businesses

Business Benefits

We offer a free listing and publicity service for our businesses and there are no fees to sign up. We also regular print and distribute a directory leaflet.

Paper money is understood by all, and with beautiful and innovative designs representing Totnes's current and historic culture, Totnes Pounds are exciting for visitors and a symbol of local pride and identity for Totnesians. 

Recent local currency schemes have successfully raised the profile of member businesses through generating very significant media coverage and the Totnes Pound already has a strong social media presence. With the launch of the electronic Totnes Pound we can now offer participating businesses extra visibility through all of our channels.

Beginning on the week of launch of e-t£s  we will be featuring a trader of the week, with special advertising features including tweets, Facebook postings, blog entries and highlighted positioning on the portal. The portal will also allow us to link together traders and suppliers to improve our local networks.

Better communities mean better business

A local currency has the potential to significantly increase the amount of spending power of people in the target area and ensures that the extra spending power goes to local independent businesses. The scheme is designed to help build stronger relationships with customers and better inter-business trading.


Signing Up to Accept Totnes Pounds

The scheme is open to all independent traders in Totnes and its environs. All you need to do to accept Totnes Pounds is to sign up here.

Assuming that you are eligible to join up (i.e. are a local independent trader) we will set up a page on this website for you, and you will shortly receive an email from us with a login address and password that you can use with your email address to edit your entry on this website and to post any offers on the Offers page.

We will put together your website entry for you (but you can then edit it yourself), and we will supply you with a window sticker saying "Totnes Pounds Accepted Here", and leaflets.


Paper Totnes Pounds

The paper Totnes Pounds are technically a voucher, rather than currency. If you have a surplus of Totnes Pounds and want to change some back to sterling, you can do this at any of the Issuing Points in town (see here for the latest list). You can also give Totnes Pounds in change to customers who would like them - we provide traders with till stickers saying "Ask for Totnes Pounds in your change".

The first £10,000-worth of Totnes Pounds issued to the public will be at a discount of 5%: a member of the public can buy t£21 for £20 sterling through the Issuing Points.  

You can attract customers by offering a discount when people buy with Totnes Pounds.

The new Totnes Pounds have a number of security features: please check the list here if you have any doubt as to whether any notes are genuine.


Electronic Totnes Pounds: e-t£s

By signing up to the electronic Totnes Pound businesses will receive even more benefits than they are already receiving through the paper scheme. Alongside our existing online directory we will be launching an innovative online portal. This website will offer further advertising possibilities for participating businesses as well as customisable web shops for each trader. If you’ve always wanted to sell online but don’t have the time, finances or expertise then this is the ideal way to begin e-commerce.

The core feature of our electronic service is Text-to-Pay instant transactions by mobile phone. This simple to use system is great for your customers as they don’t have to remember to carry cash and they earn loyalty points for every transaction. It is also great for you as it offers a reasonably priced and super convenient alternative to card payments while keeping the money totally local.

Once signed up for a business account you will have access to a simple, easy to use interface which allows you to transfer money into your personal account to spend locally, pay suppliers or even just pay into your normal Sterling account. You can also easily manage your portal presence by uploading photos, text and adding products to your personal store. You can change your delivery options to suit your business; either delivery or click and collect.


Electronic Totnes Pound Charges

There are currently no charges on any transactions in electronic Totnes Pounds.


Further Information

If you have any questions, please email us at