Pay Someone By Text Message

You can pay with electronic Totnes Pounds using your mobile phone.

It's very simple, and secure, and all you need to know is the recipients login name, then type

pay loginname 9.99

where 9.99 is the amount you want pay.

The text this message to 07441 9000 88  - save this number in your phone.

Both buyer and seller will receive texts (usually within 5-10 seconds) to confirm that the payment has been made successfully.

Example of the confirmation text you will receive:

Totnes Pound: Your payment of 5.95 to XXXX has been performed successfully. Your new account balance is 50.65.”

If the PIN or other information is entered incorrectly, or if there is insufficient funds to make the payment in the payer’s account, the payment will not be made. If a text payment fails, the payer will receive an immediate notification by text saying why the payment has failed.

An alternative method of payment is to use the Cyclos app.